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Online Giving

Securely give once or set up a recurring gift.

You have the option to cover the small transaction processing fee, which ensures that the church will receive your gift in full.

You’ll also be able to easily track your giving and print out a giving statement through your personal account with our online directory.

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Ways to Give

Bill Pay

Avoid transaction fees altogether by setting up a recurring gift through your bank.



1112 N. Rutherford Blvd.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

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Cash or Check

You can always write a check or give cash during the worship service at any of our locations. To mail a check, please use the following address:

Attn: Finance
North Boulevard Church of Christ
1112 N. Rutherford Blvd.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

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Give Assets

If you are interested in a more convenient way to give appreciated assets (i.e. stock) consider giving through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF).

For more information about DAF, or for help with Estate planning and setting up your trust, contact

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Ways to Give

Why We Give

Through faithful giving, God uses North Boulevard to serve others and share the good news of Jesus to the lost and hurting here, near, and far. We give not because we have to, but because God first gave to us, and we do so with a joyful heart and generous spirit.

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What is Tithing?

Tithing is a biblical principle. God calls us to give generously from the first fruits of our income. We’ve seen God provide abundantly in our church, and we know He will provide abundantly for you and your family when you put Him first in your finances. In fact, it’s the one area in the Bible where God actually tells us to test Him:

"Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it." Malachi 3:10

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When you tithe, you’re trusting God with your finances.

Give Love

How can I get more involved with my giving?

Giving an offering is just one of the many ways Christians can show love. We encourage you to get involved with one of our ministries so that you can serve our church and community.

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You can’t out-give God, but you’ll never regret trying.

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New Day Vision

Our church is committed to investing MILLIONS towards making disciples here, near, and far.


Signing up for online giving enables you to view your giving history, print giving statements, create scheduled and recurring gifts, and manage your method of giving. It's easy to sign up, it saves the church processing time and money, and your information is kept confidential and secure.

Need Help?

No, it is not required. However you may want an account so that managing your Tithely online giving will be easier.

Go to and click Sign Up. 

Or from the Church App, click the hamburger menu > Account > Sign Up.

Go to and check the box for Recurring Giving.

In order to change your recurring gift amount, fund designation, or schedule you will need to cancel your existing recurring gift and then set up a new recurring gift.

You can cancel your current gift by heading to your account and clicking on the "Recurring Giving" tab from the menu or the "Automated" button from the home screen. From there just click the red trash can next to the gift you wish to cancel.

You can select which fund to give towards in the "To:" field on the giving page. 

  • Regular Contribution goes into our general funds for the church, which is allocated to the different ministries based on the church's budget.

  • Select New Day Vision to give towards your commitment for the New Day Vision campaign.

  • Occassionally, we will have other special collection funds set up, which can also be found in this section.

Please note that you cannot update an existing Payment Method. You will need to remove your old payment method and add a new one. 

  • Login to your account at from your web browser.

  • Click "Payment Methods" from the home screen or click on the menu located in the top left corner and then click on "payment methods".

  • To add a credit or debit card, be sure you've selected "credit/debit" from the bottom tabs, then click on the green plus (+) icon.

  • Enter your card information and click "Add card."

  • To add a bank account, be sure you've selected "bank account" from the bottom tabs, then click on the green plus (+) icon. You have two ways to add a bank account: Click on the "Sign in with online banking" button and use your online banking credentials to connect your bank account to or you can enter your bank account number and routing number and click "save and continue." 


• Login and click the "Recent" button.

From the Church App:

• Once logged in, tap the hamburger menu.

• Tap "Account" to access Giving History

You can access your Giving Statement yourself by logging into CCB at and follow these steps:

  1. Click "Giving"

  2. Click "MY GIVING" button

  3. Click "Giving Statement" button

  4. Enter the details and click "Run Report"

Or contact us at 615-893-1520 and we can generate one for you.

  • If you forgot your CCB password, click "Forgot Password?"

  • If you forgot your CCB login, email

  • If you don't already have a CCB account, click "Request Account."

* Note, logging into CCB is not required for online giving, but it is the best way to access your giving statement yourself.

We use Tithely as our Online Giving platform. That platform is integrated with our church management system, CCB (Church Community Builder). 

Your online giving plus other types of giving (over $250) will all show up in CCB, so we use that as the platform to generate Giving Statements.

If you always and only give online through Tithely, then the Tithely and CCB numbers will be the same. Any non-Tithely giving will not show up in Tithely, but will show up in CCB.

If you have more questions about this contact us at

For more information about non-cash gifts please contact us at 615-893-1520 or by email at

The Church App is not required for online giving, but does offer a convenient way to give and quickly see giving history.

To download it to your Android or iOS device, go to

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