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Discipleship Communities & Discovery Bible Study | 4 minutes


Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Communities

Discipleship Communities (sometimes called Discipleship Groups or Dgroups) are small, intimate gatherings where disciples focus on helping each other to trust and follow Jesus as we grow to become more like Him. Dgroups seek to make disciples who make disciples. 
They consist of:

  • 3-5 people of the same gender

  • Transparent and honest relationships

  • Deep accountability

How to Start

Starting a Discipleship Group is very straight-forward:

  1. Gather a group of 3-5 people

  2. Choose a Discovery Bible Study to complete together (Learn how at

  3. Commit to a specific time frame for your group to meet (example: once a week for 9 weeks)


We highly recommend that you and your group start your first meeting by reading the Discipling Handbook together.

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Why it Matters

Disciple-making takes place in multiple relational contexts, which all play an integral role in the growth of a disciple. As you mature in your faith, it is just as important for your to participate in a Discipleship Community as it is to gather with the whole church and spend alone time with God.

Discipleship Maturity

Form Your Community

Need help finding someone who can be your mentor? Or interested in becoming a discipleship mentor yourself? Use one of the buttons below to fill out an interest form, and we will connect you with others and help you start your own Discipleship Community!

Learn more about 
disciple-making in the Discipling Handbook
Learn about how to do Discovery Bible Study at

Disciples Who Make Disciples

Learn about the basics of discipleship with David Hunzicker!

Make Disciples - 1 Prayer and Fasting

Make Disciples - 2 New Relationships, New Disciples

Make Disciples - 3 Discovery Bible Study

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