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Hospitality Team | Online

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Megan Lamb

Megan Lamb

Ministries Leader

Regina Collins

Regina Collins

Ministries Leader

Hospitality Team | Online


Hospitality Team | Online
Hospitality Team | Online
Hospitality Team | Online

North Boulevard strives to show joy and love to our members, guests, and community — especially when they join us online!


This is the perfect opportunity for online members to get involved and serve the church. Plus, it's really simple!

Online Hospitality Team members simply need to join the chat of any of our livestreamed services/events and interact with other members and guests. While in the chat, you can:

  • Greet members & guests by name to make them feel welcome

  • Share thoughts and start conversations about the sermon

  • Encourage others to lift their voices in song

  • Type out prayers to answer prayer requests in real time

To learn more about joining the team, please reach out to Megan Lamb and Regina Collins.


This ministry has class recordings available to watch online! 

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