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Winterfest – nbygWest

Winterfest – nbygWest


Hilton Garden Inn in Gatlinburg

635 River Rd., Gatlinburg, TN

look in event description for date & time


Friday, Feb 16

3:00 PM


9:00 PM

Sunday, Feb 18, 2024

nbyg | West

Associated Ministries:

All nbygWEST teens are invited to take a trek out to Gatlinburg for a weekend of worship, Scripture, and of course... lots of fun!

📅 Date: February 16–18

🏢 Location: Hilton Garden Inn in Gatlinburg

🎟️ Registration: $165 for students / $100 for adults


How much does it cost?
$165 / Student

$100 / Adult (Must be a parent of a teen OR a youth group leader to attend)

*Don’t let cost keep you from attending Winterfest. Contact Russell if cost is an issue.


What is the schedule?


8:30am - Arrive at Church

9:00am - Depart Church 12:00pm - Stop for Lunch 3:30pm - Arrive at Hotel

5:00pm - Session 1

8:00pm - Devo 10:00pm - In Rooms



8:30am - Session 2
11:00am - Lunch & Free Time 4:00pm - Meet at Hotel 4:30pm - Session 3
7:30pm - Devo

10:00pm - In Rooms



6:30am - Session 4

8:30am - Pack & Load Bus 10:00am - Depart Gatlinburg

11:30am - Lunch Stop 2:30pm - Arrive at Church


What is Winterfest?

Winterfest is a weekend retreat in Gatlinburg, TN for middle and high school teens (primarily) from acappella Churches of Christ. The teachers aim to disciple and encourage teens in their walk with God through stories, drama, music, and Scripture. The acappella worship is upbeat and uplifting, and there are also performances by contemporary Christian artists and entertainers.


What's the theme this year?

The teachers, worship leaders, and entertainers have been asked to bring us closer to what God loves and Jesus died for--The Church. A fresh look at why "The Word of God Spread" in the book of Acts. Why did our early brothers and sisters in Christ, turn the world upside down? We can do the same today!


Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap Toothbrush & Toothpaste Other Toilletries
Bag for Dirty Clothes Pajamas

Underclothes Socks
Shirts Jacket(s) Pants

(bring yours from home)


Expect to be waiting in very cold conditions for doors to open. We’ll be staying in hotel rooms, so bedding and towels are provided.

Be sure to bring a good pair of shoes you can walk in. You’ll put in a lot of steps on Saturday.



If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact Russell Rigsby at (615) 785-6588.

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