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We invite all of our online members to join John and Ginger Davis for a Seder, or Passover Dinner, online via Zoom before the live stream of our Good Friday Worship Service.

What is a Seder?

The Seder is the traditional meal of the Passover, which Jesus ate the night before he was crucified. The meal is comprised of different sections of reading, eating and drinking, telling stories, and singing — all done within a specific order to commemorate the liberation of Israel from Egypt, and as Christians, we celebrate our freedom from sin through Christ’s sacrifice.

Gather the Supplies You Need

Download our helpful PDF to learn about all the supplies you'll need to prepare for your Seder! 



via Zoom

look in event description for date & time


Friday, Apr 7

10:00 PM


11:00 PM

Friday, Apr 7, 2023

Seder (Passover Dinner) on Zoom

Seder (Passover Dinner) on Zoom

Download Seder Instructions

A helpful guide to help you gather supplies and prepare for your Passover Dinner!

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